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Pink Gold

How would you like some delivered right to your door

Capt. Cliff's Seafood Market. Inc.

Straight from the Keys to your home, Eat some tonight!

Shrimp Landing

Another great source for Florida Seafood

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Yes! There really is such a company.

Shrimp was first discovered off Key West in the late 50's, since then millions of pounds a year are caught and sold worldwide. Only shrimp caught in the southern Gulf of Mexico are pink before you cook them. Therefore the reference to pink gold.  Shrimp caught in South America sometimes has a green sheen & shrimp caught off Texas and the Northern Gulf States are brown. Tiger Shrimp comes from your Asian Countries. North Florida to the Carolinas catch white shrimp during the day.

Of course off Key West and the rest of the Southern Gulf of Mexico we shimped during the night and slept during the day! That was pretty hard on us kids, Dad had all the brothers and me ( 5 ) work on the boat during the summer . Couldn't sleep with the big light in the sky, remembered we just stared at the ocean all day and dreamed of ice cream , took cat naps at night.
Today only one brother still shrimps, Would like to think the rest of us have a little bit more intelligence, although Harold is the only one that is well off ( financially ).