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As I said before, my name is Gary. I started this life in Kentucky in 1951. My dad was a coal miner, hurt his back and decided to move us south (Mother & nine kids). Moved to Key West, Florida with a short stay in North Carolina, this was in 1957. Dad started in shrimping when the new Shrimp grounds were discovered off Key West.

I attended school until 1968, disillusioned with the whole thing, (the principal made me cut my hair) I left and joined the Job Corps where I attained my high school diploma,(had to cut my hair!!) also have a bonified certificate that says I'm an electronic assembler.

Then a very strange part of my life began, I joined the army!!Airborne!!.(again had to cut hair) By the time 1969 rolled around I was in Vietnam, with the 173rd Airborne Bragade. Their was a lifetime of memories rolled into one year!! I won't bore you with the details on this page, I'm sure you've heard all the stories, But please vist my Vietnam page, so I'll continue.

Returned to the World in 1970 and met my sweetheart Peggy!!This is a bad photo of us.We were married in 1972, had three kids, two of our own and we raised my neice since she was 5 years old. My daughter Melissa has her own home page now along with her husband Doyle . Both seem to be picking up this stuff faster than I did.

In 1972 I became a Park Ranger for the State of Florida.(Again had to cut my hair!!) Started at Bahia Honda State Park. Worked there for five years. Then transfered to Long Key, where I've been ever since!!!

Interesting work, do every thing from maintenance to Interpretive work (some call it work!!) I call it getting out of work!! Hope boss never sees this page!!. I give guided walks, campfire programs and an illistrated talk about our Native Americans of Florida.

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